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Are you a mom wanting to regain your pre-pregnancy shape?

Would you love to get rid of that "middle-aged spread"??

Have you noticed that the pounds are creeping up on you as you get older and it's time to get rid of them once and for all?

Whether you fit into any of the above, or whether you are simply looking for a solid method to trim, tone, get rid of cellulite, or slim your thighs ... and you've heard of the power of Hot Yoga (some call it "Bikram" yoga) ...

... then you're in the right place!

But beware:

I hate to say it but it's true. You can't just rock up, do some yoga and expect to lose weight WITHOUT taking care of some other vital parts of the weight-loss equation. Not if you want your changes to last!

So stick with me because I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to lose weight using Hot Yoga in a way that is SUSTAINABLE, PERMANENT and that can fit right into your lifestyle. Oh, and it's family-friendly too! Yay

Pssst … and by the way, it's not based on the "latest greatest diet", "fad" or  some plan endorsed by a celebrity!

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Here's Where Almost Everyone
Gets It Wrong!

If I had a dollar for every time I've been asked one or both of the questions below ... I'd be very wealthy!

Those 2 questions are based on some great misunderstandings. I'm going to show you WHY that way of thinking is the basis of a flawed approach (and incidentally almost guaranteed to fail) and how you can approach your body-shape-change in a far more effective way.

But first, let's take a look at those two questions and demystify them!

1. "Will I lose weight with Bikram Yoga?"

2. "How many calories will I burn
in a Hot Yoga class?"

Believe it or not, many people end up on my Hot Yoga Doctor Forum because (perhaps like you) they are searching for answers to these questions.

So I know they are important ... and it will probably surprise you to learn that they are also the WRONG questions to be asking!


Here's why:

1. Will you lose weight with Hot Yoga/Bikram Yoga?

Let's review your main goal: What you REALLY want (I'm guessing) is to be slimmer, and to fit into your clothes more easily; to be SHAPELY in the right way. (It IS shapeliness and body-toning you are after, right?)

Here's the thing: If you are frequently measuring your weight, you are measuring the wrong thing!

So the short answer is; what does "weight" really have to do with your goals?

It's fine to step on the scales ONCE and realize you've collected a few too many pounds ... but the problem is, many people asking this question are weighing themselves every day or so.

This is a mistake, even worse, it can become an obsession.

So ... let's demystify the answer to this question ...

Please stop weighing yourself daily! There is a good scientific reason behind this too, apart from reversing an unhealthy obsession.

Did you know that for the same volume; muscles weigh more than fat?

When you practice Hot Yoga, your fat is burned as energy – and what WAS lighter and less dense in a bigger volume (yep, that's right: the fat) gets replaced with something heavier (muscles) ... which could make your "weight" actually INCREASE.

Think about it. As you get stronger, your muscles develop and your shape trims. (Just think of those nicely defined arms & legs!)

If you're all hung up on only what the scales say you could be deceived.

In fact, with a regular hot yoga practice, you may well become much slimmer, yet weigh pretty much the same! Of course it all depends what your starting point is, but we're not going to split hairs here. I am sure you get my drift.

So here's where I am leading:

TIP #1. Throw away your scales!

They will NOT provide you with any secret motivation. And as I said, you could get rid of an obsession and focus on how you FEEL not what a set of numbers 'say'.

Instead, use how your clothes fit you as a measure of your progress! When you're losing weight or as I like to say, CHANGING SHAPE (!) there's just about nothing more motivating than feeling your clothes fit more loosely around your body.

Throw away the scales!
Don't use the scales!

Now to the second question:

2. "How many calories will I burn in a Hot Yoga class?"

TIP #2. Don't "count calories"!

Counting calories is a totally outdated method!

It doesn't matter how little your calorie intake is, if your "fat-burning enzymes" are not stimulated and if your metabolism is not functioning optimally, then you may STILL put ON weight (in the worst way too) as fat.

"Counting calories" does not take into account other factors such as metabolic efficiency; stress levels; the QUALITY of the food you are eating ... so I don't even bother with it and I suggest you don't bother either!

Don't count calories!

So how do you stimulate your fat-burning enzymes and optimize your metabolism?

Experts now say that "high-intensity interval training" is an ideal way to keep the fat-burning enzymes stimulated every day.

I could have told them that, it's exactly what we've been doing for years in hot yoga!

And as for keeping your metabolism functioning optimally – that's going to be a COMBINATION of your hot yoga practice, your eating patterns ("what" and "when" you eat) AND a reduction in your stress levels (one of the most blissful effects of hot yoga!).

So the answer to the question: "How many calories will I burn in a Hot Yoga class?" is ACTUALLY: "Enough to lose weight with"!

I can already hear the cries of frustration ...

"So if it's NOT about weighing myself
and it's NOT about counting calories
... what IS it about?"

I know, I know ... luckily the answer is actually much more simple than you might think.

In fact not only is it simple; it's also easy ... and best of all ... can fit into any lifestyle!

Let me tell you how I came to put all this together and you'll see how you can too.

"I lost TWO dress-sizes
in a matter of weeks!"

Most people think I've always been slim, or that I'm somehow "naturally skinny", but this wasn't always the case.

In fact, for quite some time, I carried many more pounds than I would have liked!

I'm also a self-confessed foodie ... I love good food!

So no matter what I did - diets, gym etc - my weight just kept going up and down.

Getting older didn't help either!

I got REALLY frustrated that I couldn't SUSTAIN anything and finally, when I couldn't squeeze into my wedding dress any more (long story, I won't repeat it here!), I went on a mission.

I tried fasting.

I hired a treadmill at home (the guy who lived downstairs was NOT impressed).

Eating really odd food (that's why they're called FAD DIETS!).

Then one day, long ago, I started Bikram Yoga at my local studio.

It sounded appealing to me and I thought, "why not? I'll give that a go!".

At that time I didn't know too much about it, so I had no real preconceptions.

I Got Unbelievable Results!

Within a couple of weeks of starting, my husband was remarking on how amazing I looked.

My skin was glowing; my body firmer ... and I was already feeling amazing.

Naturally I kept going ... and going ... and going.

My husband joined in (and lost his "spare tire" in no time at all, which actually wasn't his reason for going haha – he was actually motivated to try it out based on how HAPPY I was!).

Let's fast forward a few more years ...

Now I teach hot yoga and train other hot yoga instructors for a living. (That's a BIG change from being a dentist you know!) And this is where I would hear those questions over and over:

"Will I lose weight with Bikram Yoga?"

"How many calories will I burn in a Hot Yoga class?"

I knew how to answer those questions in a supportive way and so I've been able to help many enthusiastic yoga students attain their "shape-change" goals!

And fortunately, it's pretty simple, as I mentioned before.

My Secret Method

I've consolidated my approach into an easy-to-follow successful methodology, based on 3 foundational areas:

  • Your Hot Yoga Practice

    (the "how", "when" and "how often" you practice is critical)
  • Your Eating Patterns

    (as I mentioned before, the QUALITY of what you eat and WHEN you eat it will make a huge difference to losing weight FAST. You won't go hungry with my method!)
  • Your "Mindset"

    (what you think about and your "mental conditioning" is surprisingly powerful when it comes to weight loss)

Let me explain.

Some "experts" would have you believe that your "weight problem" is "all in your head".

Well in my opinion and experience, you can't just "think yourself thin".

The "diet-based" approach to weight-loss is probably the most common - but as you and I know, a single-minded focus on food only can lead to obsessive behavior ... and a "diet" is not sustainable; nor family- or lifestyle-friendly.

What you eat IS important ... but do it thoughtfully and simply - and combined with your regular hot yoga practice, you'll be able to eat as much as you like (I'll show you how!).

Frankly, even hot yoga in isolation isn't guaranteed to help you lose weight quickly WITHOUT the correct approach AND in combination with the other two crucial foundational areas.

I'm going to briefly set out for you how this works - first let's look at again at those three foundational areas.

I call this my "Holistic Triangle"!

Holistic Triangle
The Holistic Weight Loss Triangle Is Key
To Sustainable Shape Change

When you apply some easy-to-do actions in EACH of these areas, in my experience, you will get very effective and fast results*.

You'll also see how easy it is to "re-balance" what you might be doing NOW, so that you don't need to do anything extreme. For example, maybe your weight isn't changing and you already practice Hot Yoga or maybe you've already cleaned up your diet ... I'll show you how to shift those stubborn pounds by incorporating the missing keys.

(For those who are desperate or have a short-term goal eg. Fitting into a wedding dress, I also have a "fast-track method".)

"But Will It Fit My Lifestyle?"

Good question!

You see, unless this fits in with your family/significant other/friends, then it will be an effort.

I'm sure you don't want it to be an effort - you want it to be effortless.

So I design everything to tailor to YOUR LIFESTYLE to achieve results.

Not everyone has time to travel to a hot yoga studio on a regular basis, practice a 90-minute class, come home and prepare healthy meals that suit all the family AND are weight-loss friendly!

(Actually "how often do I need to practice?" is another frequent question – we'll get to that shortly!)

I'm a busy mother too, so I know it has to work efficiently and quickly – and be able to work in with your precious available time.

This is one reason why my methodology doesn't just rely on doing ONLY 90-minute classes at your local studio.

I also incorporate DIFFERENT fat-burning routines you can fit in at home, or while traveling and even when you CAN'T get to a yoga class.

I also teach you what easy-to-find ingredients you'll need on-hand to make delicious food that everyone will enjoy.

Better yet, I've also put together a foolproof "daily schedule" that's step-by-step and fully customizable depending on your preferred routines.

How about that!

If you'd like to get started, there's no better time than now ... and I can get you up and running in minutes!

Here's how it works ...

An Easy Step-By-Step Method!

I'm pretty sure you want something "easy and step-by-step" (because more than a thousand people told me in a survey!).

I can also save you time AND effort because I've already put all the plans together.

I answer all the questions you have about:

  • When you should practice
  • How long should you practice or exercise for
  • What you should eat when you practice hot yoga for best shape-changing results
  • What the best schedule to use is - what the best time to practise is for you and what works best
  • What to do when you can't get to a studio class or if you don't have 90 minutes, or even if you can't do yoga that day. Will your shape change anyway? What is the best short sequence for burning the fat and getting your goals?
  • Do you get the same results if you are NOT in a hot room?
  • What impact does the accuracy of the pose have on shape-change and losing the pounds?

Anyway, back to the system… This is the SAME system I follow ... it works easily and I can tell you it works sustainably.

You won't need any WILLPOWER. You just need the system.

So let me save you years of heartache and blind alleys.

When you follow my "Easy Weight Loss With Hot Yoga" system, I'll give you EVERYTHING step-by-step.

  • No thinking required.
  • Templates and schedules.
  • Family-friendly meal preparation (yummy AND nutritious!). There are over 182 recipes in this fantastic 144 page downloadable manual.
  • Fat-burning zone activities for maximum shape-change and weight loss results.
  • Short yoga classes for shape change that you can work into your week (beats the hell out of thinking it's 90 mins or it's nothing!).
  • And most importantly, a 224-page Instruction Book that contains a QuickStart Guide and a full set of step-by-step methods and action items for each side of the Holistic Triangle.
  • You'll have access to a dedicated community support forum AND you will receive 4 special Audio Programs (3 x Visualizations ... 1 for each side of the triangle ... and 1 x Affirmations Audio Program). It's all designed to make everything EASY.

Easy Weight Loss With Hot Yoga
Everything You Need In
A Step-By-Step Formula!

Easy Weight Loss With Hot Yoga Program
Easy Weight Loss With Hot Yoga Program
Note: Program is delivered
Images are representative only.
How else do you show electronic books & audios?!!

Look, it's taken me years to research, consolidate and test all these approaches and formulas.

As a result, I'm delighted to tell you that this program includes everything you'll need!

In "Easy Weight Loss With Hot Yoga!", I've laid out all my techniques, step-by-step, so it's impossible to fail (mmm … if you follow them of course!).

What's In The Program?

A QuickStart Plan (Your key to getting momentum!)

The Complete 224-Page "Easy Weight Loss With Hot Yoga" Instruction Book; including:

  • The Holistic Triangle
  • Full steps for incorporating each side of the Triangle for creating permanent weight loss
  • Yoga Schedules For Weight Loss (of course! This is Easy Weight Loss With Hot Yoga after all …)
  • Because your day's plan can change depending on where, when and if you practice your yoga (whether at home or in a studio), I've provided four, flexible Easy-To-Follow Daily Templates.

    Just "Cut & Paste" into YOUR life - and you'll know exactly the right combination of yoga, activities and exactly when to eat, when to drink.
  • Eating Plans (Including special "Fast Track"; and "Fast Track – High Impact" plans for those happy to take a more radical approach in their first few days.)
  • How to replace "willpower" with automation at EVERY STEP (it's all in the 224 page manual and a key part of the Holistic Weight Loss Triangle) to make your weight loss easy!
  • How to get into The Fat Burning Zone each and every day (with WAY less effort than you think!)
  • How to "create the ideal you" (and not just physically!)

Easy Weight Loss With Yoga Book
224-Pages, Step-By-Step Instructions,
QuickStart Guide & Daily Templates

  • 3 x 20-25 minute Audio Yoga Classes (for EASY Home Practice in the Fat Burning Zone – great for when you can't get to a studio – or simply want to do this ALL at home!)

20 Minute Yoga Classes

  • 3 x 8-10 minute Fast Visualization Programs (one for each side of the Holistic Triangle!)


  • 1 x Affirmation Program (Focuses on teaching your unconscious mind all three sides of the Holistic Triangle. Listen over and over and/or recite for yourself)


  • Healthy, Family Friendly Meal Plans and Recipes to support your permanent shape-change lifestyle: I was originally going to INCLUDE this in the main Instruction Book - but guess, what - it's 144 pages! So it's now a super Bonus Addition!

Easy Weight Loss With Yoga Book
144-Pages of Healthy Yoga-Friendly,
Shape-Friendly Recipes!

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*Of course many people do nothing and so won't get any results! I'm convince if YOU take action you stand a very good chance of getting good results and won't end up in the "fat and lazy" group! :)